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About Us

The new feature is Donut Football League DFL in America football Not the roundball but American football is our favorite sport. Donuts are our favorite fun food we eat almost a billion donuts a months. So I put together our two favorites to create a fun meeting place. A blog at Donut Times.com this is a blog where both favorites come together for great talk and fun exchanges. I have developed some design especially for the DFL the professional football league is the NFL so we are having fun with that. To kick of the DFL the first to join will be Charter Members and they will have very special stuff that they will be the first to get, free stuff, fun stuff, discounts that will only be available to the charter members. It will cost only $5.00 to join and they will get a free window or car decal would our special DFL logo as well as the opportunity to purchase our newly created DFL products at a 25% discount and some of the products will be personalized with their names.


The donut football league is strictly an American gimmick. we like things that are not normal, that are different, crazy, that have a catch to it. If you are not from here you might not understand. Most crazy things that become big hits come from America. a few years back be brought millions of dollars’ worth of ordinary rocks you could pickup on any street any were, we paid money for them because someone called them the pet rock and put them in a box.


Donut football league is an idea and we will turn it into a place donut times were if you love football you will have to come there and say something. If you love donuts you will come there and say something. we have millions of people to draw from.