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April 11, 2017
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Top 3 Drinks Have With Your Donut

We’re bringing together the top 3 drinks to have alongside your donut.  Which drink do you prefer the most?

top 3 drinks to have with your donut

  1. COFFEE – Coffee is king when it comes to enjoying a drink and a donut.  Any donut shop you visit will likely have a nice selection of coffee available.  It’s also highly likely that the first drink you think of when thinking about donuts is in fact coffee.  The two go hand in hand, but what about those of us that don’t drink coffee?  (I know, I know… shocking right?!)  Well for those people, there are some other top drink choices…
  2. MILK – Milk is something that many people can have with a donut, especially kids.  When I was a kid, I opted for a chocolate milk to pair with my chocolate glazed donut from my favorite local donut shop.  Sigh… heavenly memories.  There’s just something about a nice cold sip of milk to wash down your favorite doughy treat.  It just makes sense.
  3. HOT CHOCOLATE – The third top drink choice to have with your donut is none other than a delicious cup of hot chocolate.  This drink is great in the winter time when you snuggle up by a warm fireplace to enjoy a yummy donut.  Most people even dunk their donut right into the hot chocolate.  Personally, I like the way it gently melts the dough.

What’s your favorite drink to have with your donut?  Let us know in the comments below!

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