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The Donut Fan Club Announces National Donut Day – 

June 2nd – and Issues A Call For Sponsors


Finally, a club for Donut Lovers. Millions of people enjoy tens of millions of Donuts each year. This is the premier social site to share Donut adventures and stories.

national-donut-weekNew York, New York, May 12, 2017, Next time you stop for a cup of Java and a Donut, you may realize that you are part of the Donut Movement. The Donut has become as American as Apple Pie. We all have our favorite donut and sometimes we lose control and splurge on them. There is always a good reason to share a box of donuts with family and friends. Many a company get-together enjoyed a selection of these tasty treats. The Donut Fan Club has filled a void in the lives of donut lovers.

Think about it, a website where donut stories and recipes can be shared. This is the world’s first social site for donut lovers. The Donut Fan Club has announced National Donut Day, on June 2, 2017. They have issued a call for sponsors to help in funding the club’s activities. In the retail business, it’s all about making your store accessible. Now, for the first time, Donut Shops can have an equal opportunity to reach their target audience….donut lovers.

Donut Shops will get a free listing complete with their address, simply by submitting to the website. If your shop is listed on this site, when a donut lover does a Google Search for “donuts” and “city name”, this site may very well come up. This makes it easy for search engines to find you on a local level. After all, not much you can do for a donut lover in Norway. As a donut store owner, you will find suggestions for your business and marketing tips. Learn about promotions, point of sale ideas, and so much more. There is a great Blog on the site where donut lovers can post their favorite donut poems and donut stories, like “Why did the donut cross the street?”. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, drop us a line.

For complete information, please visit: The Donut Fan Club

The Donut Fan Club

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New York, NY