National Donut Week

National Donut Week, June 2 – June 8, 2017

The Donut Fan Club and it members are campaigning for a National Donut Week.

The week would run from June 2, 2017 through June 8, 2017., and will include National Donut Day, which is celebrated on June 2.

Donuts have played a very important part of our history ever since World War 1.

During the war, the Salvation Army “lassies” served the troops the sweet bits of dough – doughnuts.

When the war was over, the men and women who survived the war could see those donuts in a bakery and be drawn in to purchase one or a dozen. They could not resist the memories of being served those donuts by the “lassies” during the war, and how great they made them feel.

As time went on donuts became one of America’s favorite fun foods.

Yet, celebrating a single National Donut Day is not enough for true donut lovers.

We at Donut Fan Club think America’s favorite food, served during the war, deserves more than one day of recognition.

We encourage all donut lovers, and retail businesses, to join us in celebrating National Donut Week, beginning on June 2.

Our Donut Fan Club website promotes The Joy Of Donuts.

We do not sell donuts on our website.

As a fan of donuts, we love experiencing and exploring the many different aspects surrounding donuts. For example, we post poems, jokes, cartoons, stories, listings of retail stores which sell different styles of donuts, etc.

In addition, on the Donut Fan Club website you will find many selfies our readers have taken of themselves enjoying a donut. You’ll also find recipes to make your own donuts at home to share with family and friends.

We are an example of the ultimate donut lovers!

Join us beginning June 2 as we celebrate National Donut Week. If you have not click your “Yes” vote for establishing a National Donut Week do it here…

Please share this news with all you know who are Donut Lovers.