Michael -The First Ever Donut to Win a Basketball Match

We DONUT Know What We’d Do Without You, Michael

It was a bright sunny day.

Michael, our favorite Double Dark chocolate donut, was helping his father in the farm when he heard someone calling his name. It was Kobe, Michael’s best friend, who was renowned in the neighborhood as Chocolate Donut with yummy sprinklers!


“Hey, Kobe, what’s up? Is everything alright?” asked Michael.

“Yeah! I’m good. I have some Great news for you! You know how you always say ‘I feel empty inside’ (Pun intended!)? I know something that can make you feel happy again. The annual bakery basketball championship is being held in our city. Since you are very good at it, why don’t you give it a try?” said Kobe

Michael loved the idea and excitedly went to ask his father for permission.


“Father! Father!” yelled Michael as they reached his father’s resting place.

Michael’s father, a white iced with chocolate drizzle donut, came out of the freezer upon hearing the commotion.

“What’s the matter, son?” he asked.

“The annual basketball championship is being held in our city. I was thinking maybe I should try my luck over there.”

“Son, we have already talked about it repeatedly, and the answer is still no,” said his father and went back to the freezer.


“What should we do now?” said Michael.

“Whatever you do, you got to hurry, the auditions end in 2 days,” said Kobe

That day, on the dinner table, Michael tried his best to persuade his dad to let him play.

But he always said no, because no one else from the history of donuts, had ever stepped foot on a basketball court. His father was worried about the safety of his son.

But when Michael said, “if mother were alive, she would have let me play,” Father Doughnut allowed him to play.


The next day he went to Kobe’s house, and from there, to the auditions hall. It was a crowded hall with breads, pastries, rolls, and many other residents of the bakery world. The team was called “The Confectionery.” He enrolled his name in the register and went to the stands. Finally, his name was called.

When Michael stepped foot on the court, the crowd, along with the players, burst into laughter and started commenting.

“Hey, get him out of here before someone pokes a finger in his hole.”

“Michael, you want to try basketball? Won’t it go right through your hole?”

“Will we practice bonus free throw through Michael now.”


That’s when Coach Roy Williams entered and shouted a “silence” which lead to pin drop silence.

“If this guy has got something, let’s check it out. Go on son.” He said very affectionately.

And then, for the next few minutes, Michael felt like he was flying. Scoring on each try, dribbling, rebounding and defending. He was in his paradise when suddenly his foot slipped and he fell on his back.


The crowd started laughing again. Someone from the audience had thrown a banana peel. Michael was rushed to the hospital, with a broken back.

When he opened his eyes, he saw his dad crying.

“I already warned you son. They would never let a donut play. This is how your grandfather died,” said his dad.

“No dad, I will play and I will win it. For you, for mother and for my grandfather.”


Someone came in through the door and the father-son duo was surprised to see the head coach.

“I just came here to tell you that your son truly rocked in the auditions. He is the best player I have ever seen.”

Hearing the compliment, Michael said,  “Coach, I want to play.”

Coach replied, “Son, the championship is just around the corner, you will never be able to give your 100% after the injury.”

“But, what if I manage to?”

“Then, you are welcome to the team,” he said with a smirk on his face.


From next week, Michael started his practice for the championship. His dad left the fields and helped him to get in a good shape for the game. Every night they would apply sprinklers, apple fritters, jam or vanilla custard filling to recover soon. It was all due to Father Doughnut’s efforts that Michael vastly improved after his injury.


Finally, it was the day of FIBA Championship. Michael reached the stadium to hear the same booing from the crowd. But now, he was used to it.

In the first match, Michael scored 30 points for his team. As the championship progressed, many from the crowd started to cheer for him.


Michael’s team, “The Confectionery” had struggled hard throughout the tournament and read finals. As Michael went to score a basket, something buzzed near his ears. It was a bee. Suddenly, Michael had a whole colony of bees chasing him in the court.


It was all Romeo’s doing. Romeo, the captain of the opponent team, was jealous of Michael’s progress. But suddenly, Michael’s father jumped in the court and with a piece of cloth, he rushed the bees out of the court.

“Are you alright son?” his father asked.

“Yeah dad! I am alright, just swallowed a couple of them,” Michael laughed as his father went back into the crowd.


The match resumed shortly and Michael felt he was in the seventh heaven. He saw the whole crowd now cheering for him. It was in the last minute, when Michael dunks the basketball and leads the team to victory! After all, Donuts Dunk the best or should we say “There is nothing like a Dunkin’ Donut.”


Michael won the championship for his team.

When the team came to collect the FIBA trophy for winning the Championship, the placards read, “Michael, We DONUT know what we’d do without you”


The next morning, it was published in the paper, “Michael, We DONUT know what we’d do without you,.”