National Donut Week

The History of the “Dough-nut”

Ever wonder how donuts began?Some stories get lost in history; however, lucky for us, the story of our favorite treat ‘s humble beginning’s has been well preserved. Sink your teeth into the year 1847, where we find an individual by the name of Elizabeth Gregory, a Dutch woman who made her own version of the classic dutch “Olykoek”, or “Oliy Cake” . Elizabeth’s recipe was swirled with nutmeg and included hazelnuts or walnuts embedded in the center of each cake.The nuts in the middle aided in cooking the pastery all the way through.She called her confections ” dough-nuts “, and was well known for them in her New England community. As the story goes , Elizabeth’s son , Hanson Gregory , loved these pastries so much that she would regularly make batches for him to take along on his sailing voyages.At one point she even allowed his cook to have the recipe so he could make more of her delectable treat on the ship. should the crew ever run out. Though the story has several versions, the hole in the center of the donut us said to have been credited to Hanson Gregory himself. It is said that on a night of rough seas, Gregory put one of his mother’s cakes on the peg of his ships helm. This gave him the advantage of having his cake readily available without sacrificing his ability to steer his ship , and thus the donut and the donut hole were born.

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