March Madness 2017

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December 30, 2016
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March Madness 2017

Some one wise once said, “We are all mad, it’s just a degree of madness”. So, who doesn’t like to get the power to be fully mad? Who doesn’t like madness right in the Middle of the March? That’s right, March Madness 2017 is just around the corner and count down has already begun. The excitements, the odds, the frenzies, the chaos, the win, the loss, all are part of this great American madness and there is no limit to this madness. Who will make it to the sweet 16 and to Phoenix for the Final Four and win the championship. The odds are unpredictable of who will win this season.

The dunkin’ donuts are all pumped up and glazed, ready for the season sprinkled with the little bit of sugary madness. All waiting to be dunked in and have their donut holes finally fulfilled.

The adrenaline rush is high and the schedules, dates and locations for March Madness 2017 is out.

All that sweats and hard works in the gym is finally going to pay off, and players are going to get their skills tested on the court. Stakes are high, cause some put their money on the match and some put their heart and soul on the match. All the bets at stake and we are all excited and nervous for the heart wrenching events to fallout. For some, this match is going to carve out the best career of their life with their performance.

For some of you who is new to this madness, I am outlining few of the details of the madness. So, you can also join in the madness and enjoy the frenzy like all other donuts.

Selection Sunday
68 men’s teams and 64 women’s teams are selected and announced on television during Selection Sunday. Thirty-one teams receive an automatic invite to the tournament, which is their reward for winning their respective conferences. Thirty of these teams win their tournament through conference tournaments. The remaining invites, 37 for men and 33 for women, are left in the hands of the selection committee.
Here are some of the criteria the selection committees rely on:

  • Rating Percentage Index (RPI)
  • Ranking in national polls
  • Conference record
  • Road record
  • Wins versus ranked opponents
  • The way a team finishes the regular season

First Four
The field of teams is divided into four geographical regions. Each region has between 16 and 18 teams, which are assigned a seed number of 1 through 18, with the best team in the region awarded the No. 1 seed. In 2012, the format was modified so the four first-round matchups advanced two 16 seeds, a 14 and a 12 into the field of 64.
Seeds refer to the placement of a team in one of four regions, and pods refer to the method of grouping seeds at particular first-round and second-round sites.

First/second round
After the committee assigns seeds, it assigns the top four teams in each region to a first/second round site that is most geographically compatible to those teams, regardless of where the team might play in subsequent rounds at regionals. There are eight sites for the first/second rounds. Teams are placed at these sites in groups of four, which comprises a pod, and there are two pods at each site. For each region, there are four pods.
This year schedule is as follows:

Buffalo – March 16&18 Milwaukee – March 16&18 Orlando – March 16&18 Salt Lake City – March 16&18 Greenville – March 17&19 Indianapolis – March 17&19 Tulsa – March 17&19 Sacramento – March 17&19

The winners of the First/second round plays at the 4 regionals.
This year 2017 schedule is as follows:
Midwest Regional – Kansas City – March 23&25 West Regional – San Jose – March 23&25 South Regional – Memphis – March 24&26 East Regional – New York – March 24&26

Final Four
The Final Four is played at a new venue each year, but is usually played in a major metropolitan area. The “Final Four” of college basketball refers to the semifinal round of the Division I Men’s or Women’s Basketball Tournament. In this round, there are four teams left, and two games are played to determine which two teams will head to the finals. This year it is being played in Phoenix on 1st and 3rd April.

Do-nought care any more of anything else! Behold cause you are about to go on a ride of your life seeing some of the hottest moves on the court ever! Have a happy March and don’t stop dunking donuts and dunking madness.