National Donut Week

Grinch story

The Grinch Who Stole Doughnuts.

The Doughs down in Dough-ville were preparing away
Their most beloved celebration was just the next day
Doughnut day was the day they loved the most (although true National Donut Day was months away)
They held up milk and coffee as they gave a great toast
The Doughs down in Dough-ville were happy and jolly
Doughnuts and decorations piled on their trollies
But up in the mountain lived a sour old grinch
Who’s big fat belly resembled a hump.
The hated the Doughs and their lovely doughnut day
It came around each year much to his dismay
As bakers and frosters were frantically preparing
The Grinch was stewing and wouldn’t stop staring
Soon the Doughs would be stuffing their faces
But the Grinch hatched a plan to put them in their places
I’ll steal all doughnuts down there on Dough-ville
They’ll be so sad and all will finally be still

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