National Donut Week
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National Donut Day arrives on June 2, 2017

Celebrating a single National Donut Day is not enough for true donut lovers.

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Michael - the first ever donut to win a basketball match

It was a bright sunny day. Michael, our favorite Double Dark chocolate donut, was helping his father in the farm when he heard someone calling his name. It was Kobe, Michael’s best friend was, who was renowned in the neighborhood as Chocolate Donut with yummy sprinklers! Read More...

Madness Indeed

As March approaches so does the madness. And nothing exemplifies that madness more as the story of a single donut, whom albeit, does have some ball skills; and a wild dream to play in the March Madness Tournament. Crazy you may say, but this donut can play some ball. Glazed Donut, as he's known on any schoolyard court, is a bit of a legend; in his own mind. The problem with this character, though, he is a bit half- baked... Read More...

March Madness 2017

Some one wise once said, “We are all mad, it’s just a degree of madness”. So, who doesn’t like to get the power to be fully mad? Who doesn’t like madness right in the Middle of the March? That’s right, March Madness 2017 is just around the corner and count down has already begun. The… Read More

Donut Hole

Went to the local bakery to get some donut holes, the man behind the counter said don't know what you been told.But you can't buy a nuthin' Somethin ' is all we sell , donut holes are nuthin' as far as I can tell Read More

The Ultimate Donut

Memory is a funny thing.I cannot remember what I had for dinner two days ago , but there is one special memory that sticks out in my mind as if it were yesterday. The memory of a store that sold , what was for me , the Ultimate donut. I was living in Baltimore ,… Read More

The History of the “Dough-nut”

Ever wonder how donuts began?Some stories get lost in history; however, lucky for us, the story of our favorite treat 's humble beginning's has been well preserved. Sink your teeth into the year 1847, where we find an individual by the name of Elizabeth Gregory, a Dutch woman who made her own version of the… Read More


Some people might it's crazy to start website dedicated to donuts, but as a donut lover, I know that those of us who crave sweet, delicious donut aren't crazy- we 're just MAD ABOUT Donut Fan club because I 'hv been hunt on the perfect donut ever since I was a young man and had… Read More

Grinch story

The Grinch Who Stole Doughnuts. The Doughs down in Dough-ville were preparing away Their most beloved celebration was just the next day Doughnut day was the day they loved the most (although true National Donut Day was months away) They held up milk and coffee as they gave a great toast The Doughs down in Dough-ville… Read More

A funny

There were two little boys on their way to church one Sunday morning. As they approached a bakery the aroma greeted them with all the sweet smelling scenes of Donuts being baked. They could not resist purchasing a donut each but they knew that they did not have time to eat them before reaching the… Read More
March Madness Street Scene 1
March Madness Street Scene 2